Patrick Ishmael

Yesterday I published the full list of ACA monthly insurance rates by county in Missouri, as compiled by the federal government. Today I'm sharing a map of each type of plan for one demographic, 40-yearold individuals, since it pretty well reflects the geographic differences in prices that we're seeing across the state. A few quick notes on using the interactive features:

  • Mouse over individual counties to see their prices.
  • There are tabs in the upper left corner that let you scroll through the different plans—Gold, Silver, Bronze and Catastrophic—and their prices. I encourage you to cycle through them, because the maps for each plan level are different.
  • For easier viewing you'll also find in the lower right hand corner a "full screen mode."
  • Where counties are blue and have no prices, that means that, according to the data released, there will be no plan of that type available in that county in 2017. 


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Patrick Ishmael
Director of Government Accountability

Patrick Ishmael is the director of government accountability at the Show-Me Institute.