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Show-Me News
By Graham Renz on Jan 20, 2017

We’re far from Halloween, but some really scary things are already rising from the dead—in particular, the effort to subsidize a Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium in downtown Saint Louis,

Show-Me News
By Michael Q. McShane on Jan 20, 2017

Momentum is building here in Missouri for a private school choice program.

Show-Me News
By Emily Runge on Jan 19, 2017

On Tuesday night, Governor Eric Greitens gave his first State of the State Address and talked about some important issues in education policy.

By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 19, 2017

Good Jobs First, a “national policy resource center for grassroots groups and public officials,” publishes what it calls its Subsidy Tracker, a list of the companies that receive state local and

Show-Me News
By Graham Renz on Jan 18, 2017

Plans to renovate the Edward Jones Dome and America’s Center, which together serve as Saint Louis’s convention center, are res

Show-Me News
By Emily Runge on Jan 13, 2017

On Tuesday morning, the Missouri Board of Education voted unanimously

Media Appearances
By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 13, 2017

On Thursday, December 22, the Show-Me Institute's Patrick Tuohey appeared on KCPT's Ruckus to discuss the new legislative sessions in Kansas and Missouri, Governor Sam Brownback's State of the State address, efforts to extend the streetcar in Kansas City and other state and national issues.

Media Appearances
By Andrew B. Wilson on Jan 13, 2017

As first appearing in the American Spectator:

Show-Me News
By Graham Renz on Jan 11, 2017

Missouri is one of five states without comprehensive ridesharing legislation on the books or pending approval, which places the Show-Me state at a competitive disadvantage.

Show-Me News
By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 10, 2017

Marc Joffe, Director of Policy Research for the California Policy Center, has rated the largest 116 U.S.