TIF for Tat - Columbia Forum

Columbia Forum
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Why should taxpayer money be diverted from key government functions to well-connected developers? Incentive programs like tax increment financing (TIF) have cost state and local governments billions in recent years. This presentation will outline the problem of TIF abuse in Missouri and needed reforms that will protect taxpayers.

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Patrick Tuohey

Patrick Tuohey is the Director of Municipal Policy at the Show-Me Institute. He works with taxpayers, media, and policymakers to foster understanding of the consequences of policies regarding economic development, taxation, education, and transportation. His paper on TIF in Kansas City, “Urban Neglect: Kansas City’s Misuse of Tax Increment Financing” has spurred parents and activists to oppose TIF projects where they are not needed. Patrick is a regular panelist on Kansas City Public Television’s Ruckus and appears on television and radio across Missouri.