Government Lobbying Contracts

Most citizens have at least a cursory familiarity with the role of lobbying in the political process. Lobbying refers to actions that individuals, groups, and special interests undertake for the purpose of influencing public officials. Typically, lobbying occurs on behalf of private parties. However, a far more concerning form of lobbying — and one with which far fewer citizens are familiar — is lobbying that occurs on behalf of public institutions, which taxpayer dollars fund.

Missouri Privatization Documents

The Show-Me Institute has released a comprehensive project about privatization efforts in Missouri. This project documents the wide variety of ways in which counties, cities, and towns can engage the private sector to provide many public services. We also discuss the many public service areas where privatization is appropriate and potentially beneficial, along with the areas it is not. The study provides city officials, administrators, and interested citizens with examples of where, how, and why privatization can be expanded in their communities.

2013 Missouri Public School District Collective Bargaining Agreements

In the 2007, the Missouri Supreme Court overruled 60 years of case law and determined that teachers have the right to organize and collectively bargain. We at the Show-Me Institute wanted to determine how many districts have entered into collective bargaining agreements (CBA), so we requested CBAs from every district with more than 1,000 students. About 1/5 of the districts we contacted had a formal CBA.

Minimum Wage Bills Under Consideration

The debate over increasing the minimum wage has been a hot topic recently. Below are the two minimum wage bills under consideration by the Kansas City City Council and the Saint Louis City Council.
Also below is a bill recently passed by the state legislature that would prohibit political subdivisions (cities, counties, and such) from raising the minimum wage above that set by state or federal law.