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The Potential Effect of a $12 Minimum Wage in Missouri

The Show-Me Institute's latest essay explores the possible impact of increasing Missouri's minimum wage from the current $7.85 per hour to $12 per hour by 2023. Authors William Even and David Macpherson project that only about 19 percent of workers who would be affected by the increase are in families with incomes below the poverty line, and only about 10 percent are single parents.

Should Missouri Increase the Minimum Wage to Help the Working Poor?

In Missouri, a single parent employed full time at a minimum wage job will still be in poverty. Some see this as justification for raising the minimum wage, on the grounds that no one who works full-time should be in poverty. This argument has been part of the drive to raise the minimum wage, and that campaign has led to a minimum wage increase proposal on the statewide ballot for November.

Minimum Wage Bills Under Consideration

The debate over increasing the minimum wage has been a hot topic recently. Below are the two minimum wage bills under consideration by the Kansas City City Council and the Saint Louis City Council.
Also below is a bill recently passed by the state legislature that would prohibit political subdivisions (cities, counties, and such) from raising the minimum wage above that set by state or federal law.

On Raising the Minimum Wage in Missouri

On December 1, members of the Missouri General Assembly may begin prefiling legislation for consideration in the upcoming legislative session, which begins January 3, 2018. Not surprisingly, it looks like a bill will be put forward to increase the state’s minimum wage. As Missourinet reports, State Rep. Brandon Ellington (D) plans to offer such a bill. When Rep.

Dutchtown and the Minimum Wage

To many, an increase to the minimum wage sounds like a good idea, but in reality it would cost businesses and jobs. Show-Me Institute’s John Wright talks to several members of the Dutchtown community about the impact of a minimum wage increase on their efforts to revitalize the neighborhood.