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Commentary / Op-Eds
By Andrew B. Wilson on Mar 05, 2018

As president of the most powerful country in the world – and a man with the utmost confidence in his own judgment – would Donald J. Trump dare to tell the Sun, that fiery ball at the center of our solar system, “You’re fired”?

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Patrick Tuohey on Feb 07, 2018

As Omahans consider spending hundreds of millions of dollars for a streetcar system, proponents point to Kansas City as an example of a successful system. But the claims about Kansas City’s success are grossly overstated, and voters reject the system almost every time they are given a chance.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Andrew B. Wilson on Jan 31, 2018

Conservatives have long argued that taxes matter. Sure, they matter, progressives have countered – if all you care about is making the rich richer and doing nothing to help working people.

Witness an incredible turn of events:

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Susan Pendergrass on Jan 17, 2018

It is one of the most important decisions for parents to make—where to send their children to school. Some parents even pick up and move to the school district they desire, but of course this is impossible for many middle and low-income families.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Andrew B. Wilson on Jan 09, 2018

What’s wrong with you, Missouri lawmakers? Why so weak and feckless?

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 04, 2018

Kansas City wants to present itself as tech friendly and forward looking, yet too often city leaders stand in the way of innovation. The city stumbled with its effort to welcome ride sharing technology such as Uber and Lyft, but we have another opportunity with short-term rentals (STRs).

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Emily Stahly on Nov 28, 2017

The Nirvana fallacy often gets in the way of policymaking when, as Voltaire described, we let the perfect become the enemy of the good. It is easy to fall into this trap when discussing education because we want every child to have a world-class education.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Andrew B. Wilson on Nov 23, 2017

Americans readily accept two opposing ideas about the first Thanksgiving – one bright and highly idealized, the other grey and somber, but closer to the truth. Jean Ferris captured the first idea in a painting completed in 1915, some three centuries after the actual event.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Andrew B. Wilson on Nov 08, 2017

It may be the biggest and most closely watched competition since Charles Lindbergh – backed by a group of Saint Louis businessmen – won the $25,000 Orteig Prize as the first pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean. That was 90 years ago, in 1927.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Patrick Tuohey on Oct 24, 2017

In a recent opinion column, Linda Moore, the president and CEO of TechNet, a “national, bipartisan network of technology CEOs and senior executives,” heralded Amazon’s seeking of a new headquarters as a wake-up call to policymakers about the need for increased computer science a