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By Mike Ferguson on Nov 02, 2017

Burdensome licensing requirements are making it very difficult for Missouri business owners. That’s why some entrepreneurs are challenging the state’s licensing requirements on African-style hair braiding.

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By James V. Shuls on Oct 31, 2017

Are school boards actually effective at improving standards for students? Dr. James Shuls explains why a school choice system may actually offer parents more control than the traditional public school system.

By Rik W. Hafer on Oct 27, 2017

In their essay, "Taxing Business in Missouri," Professors Rik Hafer, Ph.D., and Howard Wall, Ph.D., review the research of the Tax Foundation to better understand tax policy in Mi

By David French on Oct 20, 2017

On October 11, National Review Institute Senior Fellow David French was at Washington University in Saint Louis to deliver a lecture titled “War of Words: Free Speech versus Tyranny on Campus.” French discussed the growing threat to First-Amendment rights that is currently most visible on univers

By David Steelman on Oct 19, 2017

David Steelman discusses the fate of Missouri's flagship state university two years after the disruptive protests of 2015.

By Frank Catanzaro on Oct 09, 2017

When will St. Louis’s long-delayed and over-budget Loop Trolley open? It’s hard to say, but in the meantime, construction on the project is causing a nightmare for nearby businesses. Even worse, the delays mean millions of dollars in additional costs for the public.

By Show-Me Institute Staff on Sep 28, 2017

This year, Governor Eric Greitens created the Committee on Simple, Fair and Low Taxes to evaluate Missouri’s tax policies and tax credit programs and make detailed recommendations for reform.

By James V. Shuls on Aug 24, 2017

Is Missouri's teacher pension system unfair? That's the question Show-Me Institute’s Distinguished Fellow of Education Policy, James Shuls, asks in his latest essay.

By Graham Renz on Aug 21, 2017

The Chesterfield Hockey Association wants a new $22.6 million hockey facility. The only catch? Taxpayers would have to cough up $7 million through the extension of a special sales tax district in the Chesterfield Valley. Should taxpayers really be helping to fund a private ice rink?


By Mike Ferguson on Aug 04, 2017

Mike Brown, Executive Director of the Missouri Online Summer Institute, discusses the opportunities this program offers for students interested in using online resources to supplement the education they’re getting in school.