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By Joseph Miller on Aug 03, 2015

Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Joseph Miller talks with St. Louis entrepreneur Ed Domain about Ed's 2013 accident in a Harris cab and the response of the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission (MTC).

We also reached out to the MTC for their side of the story. Here's what they told us:

By Michael Highsmith on Jul 29, 2015
Show-Me Institute Intern Michael Highsmith talks about difficulties in the process of transferring from one college to another. Competency Based Education may be the solution that saves students time and money.
By Brittany Wagner on Jul 17, 2015

Education Policy Research Assistant Brittany Wagner reflects on her childhood summers and the opportunities for learning that they afforded her. Not all kids have those opportunities. This summer, Beyond School, a division of Mission: St.

By Joseph Miller on Jul 15, 2015

Last week, comedian John Oliver took on the public funding of sports stadiums on his popular HBO show, Last Week Tonight.

By Brittany Wagner on Jul 15, 2015

When Executive Director Josh Wilson founded Mission: St. Louis in 2006, he had a goal—eliminate poverty in Saint Louis City within six months. 

By Brittany Wagner on May 30, 2015

State Sen. Joseph Keaveny (D-Saint Louis) has an idea: Require school districts to post administrative salaries to their websites. Watch below to hear why Sen. Keaveny believes public school finances should be more transparent.

By Bob Onder, Joseph Keaveny on May 29, 2015
Missouri Senators Bob Onder and Joseph Keaveny talk about the recently concluded legislative session.
By Brittany Wagner on May 20, 2015

HB42 is on Gov. Nixon’s desk. If he signs it, children in failing school districts would be able to cross district boundaries to attend school. That would allow children in Normandy to attend accredited schools only minutes from their home like North Side Community School.

By Eric Hanushek on May 20, 2015

Eric Hanushek, Ph.D., shows that the quality of education is closely related to national economic growth. He has authored or edited 20 books along with more than 200 articles. He is a distinguished graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and completed his Ph.D. in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


By Joseph Miller on May 08, 2015

Show-Me Institute Policy Analyst Joseph Miller notes that legislation pending in the Missouri state house could fix MoDOT's short term funding problems while creating opportunities to meet future funding requirements.