Daniel ThorntonMichael PodgurskySusan K. Feigenbaum

On July 30, 2010, the Show-Me Institute joined many other think tanks around the nation by hosting an event in celebration of the life and legacy of the influential economist Milton Friedman.

At this event, Dr. Michael Podgursky spoke of the benefits of school choice, Dr. Susan Feigenbaum spoke of the negative impacts of discrimination in a free market, and Dr. Daniel Thornton spoke of the dangers of irresponsible monetary policy. Dr. Joseph Haslag moderated, and Dr. Bonnie Wilson introduced the event.

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Daniel Thornton
Research Fellow

Daniel Thornton is vice president and economic advisor at the Federal

Michael Podgursky
Michael Podgursky is a professor of economics at the University of Missouri–Columbia, where he served as department chair from 1995 to 2005.
Susan Feigenbaum
Research Fellow

Susan Feigenbaum, Ph.D., is a professor of economics at the Universit