Patrick Ishmael
We've talked about how an Aerotropolis "new building" doesn't actually have to be "new" to get tax credits. Now, Steve Johnson of the RCGA says there currently are discussions of explicitly removing the "build" requirement entirely. Amazing.

So where are these supposed 20,000 construction jobs coming from again?

The whole segment is worth hearing. The relevant part starts in at around 12:15.

Johnson also told Charlie Brennan that "freight forwarders would have to become members of the RCGA" to receive their credits -- a requirement which isn't in the legislation and would have utterly no policy value. Maybe Johnson was joking or misunderstood what seemed to be Brennan's core question -- how do you get these tax credits? -- but given that the "joke" was interwoven into what sounded like a serious answer, Johnson should clarify.

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