Phil Eckelkamp
Something fun for a Monday morning ...

My buddy Mike Sweeney, over at STL Hops, is having a "Best Missouri Craft Beer Challenge." It's a bracketed tournament that is set up like much like the March Madness tournament, in which you vote for one beer over another and whichever one has the most votes moves on to the next round.  Currently, they are on Round 3, so get over there and vote.

My personal pick to go all the way is the O'Fallon 5-Day IPA. The site attracts a large proportion of hopheads (fans of the ingredient that bitters the beer — not dope smokers), so that bodes well for O'Fallon. Plus, I always favor the underdog, and since they are a 52 seed out of 64, you can't get much more underdog than that.

As long as a pumpkin beer doesn't win, I will consider it a valid tournament. Enjoy.

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