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Yesterday we received a firm date for the legislative special session that will include the proposed Aerotropolis tax credits — September 6. This move surprised basically no one, and Audrey and I have been preparing our share of revelatory facts for just this occasion. But, let's recap what we've published so far:

  1. Neither an airplane nor exported products are required to get "Aerotropolis" tax credits. Proponents continue to suggest otherwise. They are incorrect. What sort of an "international air cargo hub" could subsidize warehouses that neither produce nor house a product for export, nor would ship a product by air?

  2. The Mayor of Saint Louis and other county executives are empowered to choose who does and doesn't get tax credits. The legislation creates a system where elected representatives get to choose who wins and loses with the public's money. The latest language included in this section of the legislation does not fix the problem.

  3. American beef is banned by China. Supporters have repeatedly tried to convince cattlemen and their representatives that American beef is on China's import menu. It is not.

  4. The executive of the biggest beef exporter in the United States doesn't think the China Hub will work for beef or pork. We found this out looking through the China Hub's own documents. Which brings us to

  5. Where's the beef study we were all promised? And

  6. Where's the feasibility study? We found the preliminary report. How mainstream media outlets didn't get their hands on it is anybody's guess. More on this shortly.

  7. The legislation's "new building" requirement doesn't actually require that a "new building" be built. Members of the building trades should know that just because the authors of the bill are promising lots of work, that doesn't mean that the language of the bill actually requires it. And finally,

  8. The China Hub's own documents say that for Aerotropolis to be successful, it would require "volcanic demand." One Chinese airline will create that demand? Seriously? See Point 6.

More soon. Stay tuned.

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