Thomas Duda
Last night, I attended the monthly meeting of the Special Administrative Board (SAB), which governs the St. Louis Public Schools. Following the meeting, I spoke with Rick Sullivan, SAB president, who confirmed that he is aware of the vacancy on the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA) Commission caused by the resignation of Howard Hayes, the longest-serving commissioner.

In an interview, SAB President Sullivan said, "I would expect an appointment to be imminent. The board discussed it today." He continued, "I need to confirm qualifications and willingness of some people we're considering."

Although Sullivan did not name any potential candidates for appointment to the LRA Commission, he elaborated on the SAB's selection criteria: "[W]e want somebody who understands all of the issues related to LRA, familiarity with real estate or otherwise."

When asked whose interests the new appointee will represent, the school district or residents, Sullivan said that the appointee "[has] a responsibility to represent the interests of the city and take into consideration how they’re appointed. So, first and foremost are the residents of the city, city interests, and then keeping in mind where that appointment came from."'

Sullivan hinted strongly that the SAB hopes to have its appointment in place by the March 30, 2011, meeting of the LRA Commission.

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