Josh Smith
The latest Show-Me Institute Policy Study — "The Prognosis for National Health Insurance: A Missouri Perspective" — is shaping up to be a slam dunk.

Produced by Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics, the study gives some historical perspective on the growth of the public sector's role in paying for health care expenses, and provides an analysis of the effect of a public health care plan on Missouri residents. The study spells out the expected costs such a plan would impose per capita on Missouri residents, as well as making predictions about inflated medical costs overall in the face of increased bureaucratic distance between health care producers and consumers.

And it's getting attention. Missourinet ran a segment about it, and it was also featured on Jamie Allman's radio show yesterday, as well as some more attention from him while he was guest hosting for The Laura Ingraham Show this morning. So far, it has also been featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Springfield News-Leader. This coverage combined to break our previous single-day study download record yesterday, and we've already more than doubled that number so far today.

Why wait? Read the study that everyone is talking about. Or, if time will simply not permit, at least check out the four-page briefing paper.

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