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Control of the St. Louis Public School District is now in the hands of the three-member transitional school board today, after
Cole County Circuit Court Judge Richard Callahan ruled against giving the St. Louis school board a temporary restraining order against the transitional school board. Now the CEO of the transitional school board, Rick Sullivan, is looking toward the future and plans on involving the whole community in the board's decision making:

Sullivan, who said he will not accept the salary he is entitled to under
the statute that permits the city schools to operate as a transitional
school district, promised that he and the board will not act

He pledged that the community will play a major role in helping to find
solutions for what he characterized as a crisis of regional proportion.

"There is no quick fix, there's no silver bullet. It is going to take
the full engagement of the community and it is going to require the
community to understand that this is going to take time, a lot of
time," he said.

Time will tell if he lives up to his word, but his words shows the mature leadership that is needed to turn around the sorry state that the St. Louis Public school board is in. Compared to some actions of individual board members, this is a great first step.

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