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In today's Southeast Missourian, an article discusses the increasing popularity of the virtual school program in Missouri. In fact, it's so popular that they have almost run out of free spots, and will have to charge tuition:

Missouri's new virtual school has only a few free slots still open, but
more students can still take classes if they pay tuition, says the
director of the online education program.

Starting Monday, parents could sign up their children to take elementary or high school classes for the cost of tuition.

When you give parents options on where they would like to educate their children, they will take advantage of it. Now that the state sees that there is a great interest in the Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MoVIP) it will be expanded, which will happen next year to cover middle school children. A parent had this to say about the MoVIP program, in the article:

My son is one of the high school students. What a great opportunity.

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