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The St. Joseph News-Press complains that not enough Missourians from the northwest part of the state are serving on boards and commissions:

The new Seismic Safety Commission will always come from Cape Girardeau. And the governor can find a nominee for the Board of Examiners for Cosmetology and Barbers from anywhere in the state. It just seems that anywhere is rarely St. Joseph.

Gov. Blunt encourages everyone to serve on state boards:

"I encourage Missourians to explore our state's boards and commissions and apply for an appointment that allows them to use their God-given talents to help enhance the services we deliver to Missourians each and every day," the governor said in a prepared release.

So there is the challenge. If Northwest Missouri wants someone on the lead poisoning committee or the Hispanic Business Trade and Culture Committee, we are going to need volunteers to step up to the plate.

It looks like northwest Missourians just prefer to use their God-given talents to do something productive themselves rather than to patrol other people.

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Sarah Brodsky