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There's been new action on the midwife bill:

On Tuesday, the Senate relented, thanks to a hasty vote that caught opponents off guard.

Last week, those same opponents all but killed the midwife bill, tying up the Senate floor for hours to prevent a vote.

This time around, opponents weren't even in the Senate chamber when Sen. John Loudon, R-Chesterfield, rushed in to bring the bill to a vote. With no debate, the bill was approved by a voice vote[...]

Sen. Chuck Graham, D-Columbia, said he will once again tie up the Senate floor if the midwife bill comes up for a final vote.

On the subject of occupational licensure, there are many professions besides midwifery that could use less restrictive licenses. Does anybody really think the licensing requirements for "nail technicians" (i.e. manicurists) have a major effect on public health and safety? Here you can find licensed geologists, speech pathologists, martial arts judges, interior designers, and marital therapists. I can't imagine what you have to do to pass those exams.

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