Show-Me Daily
By Michael Q. McShane on Jan 29, 2020

After a nine-month tour of America in 1831, French political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville published Democracy in America, a volume that remains one of the best descriptions of American civic and political life.

Commentary / Op-Eds
By Rex Sinquefield, Andrew B. Wilson on Jan 28, 2020

What was the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time?

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 27, 2020

Recent news that the owners of a new Major League Soccer franchise in St. Louis will not be getting $40 million in state tax credits is welcome. They may receive a smaller amount, perhaps as low as $5.7 million.

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 24, 2020

Like a horror film bogeyman, legislation creating film tax credits is back!

Show-Me Daily
By James V. Shuls on Jan 24, 2020

In a recent article on the front page of the New York Times, Dana Goldstein explained how textbook companies selectively omit or add information to history textbooks for sale in Tex

Show-Me Daily
By Patrick Tuohey on Jan 23, 2020

California’s Proposition 13 was enacted in 1978 as a reaction against high property taxes and some dramatic increases in tax assessments year over year.

Show-Me Daily
By Susan Pendergrass on Jan 22, 2020

Have you ever seen a word that you use all the time without thinking about it and paused to consider what it actually means? That happened to me recently with the word “accredited.” I think it was because I saw a sign saying that the Metropolitan Police Department of the City of St.

Show-Me Daily
By Jakob Puckett on Jan 21, 2020

Show-Me Institute analysts have written for years on the

Show-Me Daily
By Elias Tsapelas on Jan 20, 2020

Missouri’s Medicaid program is getting a poor return on each taxpayer dollar, and that is a serious problem.

Show-Me Daily
By Abigail Burrola on Jan 17, 2020

In Missouri, it may seem like school choice is only for Kansas City and St. Louis, since they are the only two districts in the state with charter schools. However, there are areas in the rest of the state where thousands of students could benefit from more educational options.