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By Emily Runge on Feb 15, 2017

Charter school expansion is just one of several school choice initiatives lawmakers in Jefferson City have proposed this legislative session.

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By Rik W. Hafer on Feb 15, 2017

According to the most recently released data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s (BEA), ( Missouri’s output of goods and services (rea

Show-Me Sunshine
By Patrick Tuohey on Feb 14, 2017

A recent Kansas City Star story on the proposed Kansas City general obligation bonds, (GO Bonds) contained the following:

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By Patrick Tuohey on Feb 13, 2017

Kansas City desperately wants to grow, and we’re spending or diverting tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money each year on economic development, mostly downtown, in order to attract tourists and residents.

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By Patrick Ishmael on Feb 10, 2017

Although much of the legislative air has been consumed by Right to Work in the last few weeks, two other bills—both dealing in health care policy—are slowly making their way through the legislative process, and chances are good that our readers will hear quite a bit about them in the months ahead

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By Graham Renz on Feb 09, 2017

The Post-Dispatch's Tony Messenger claims that MetroLink, Saint Louis’s light rail system, is “underperfor

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By Michael Highsmith on Feb 08, 2017

“The bottom line is this: Our state has a serious pension problem, and we need to start talking about how it can be fixed before it’s too late.”

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By Michael Q. McShane on Feb 08, 2017

A little more than a year ago, Brittany Wagner and I published a paper titled “Course Access in Missouri: Diversity, Personalization, and Opportunity” wherein we looked at progra

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By Patrick Ishmael on Feb 07, 2017

Last month I had the opportunity to go back to my alma mater, Saint Louis University, and share with a crowd of medical students my thoughts on the future of health care in this country.

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By James V. Shuls, Ph.D. on Feb 07, 2017

Over the years, I and others at the Show-Me Institute have written about the need for public pension reform.