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Show-Me Daily
By John Wright on May 05, 2015

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 72 (AFSCME), a big government union representing various health, service, and maintenance personnel employed by the state government, is complaining about state employee

Show-Me Daily
By Darin Morley on Oct 27, 2014

Show-Me Institute September 2014 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Transportation Sales Tax--Amendment 7--Defeated
  • A Message From The Chief Executive Officer
  • Staff Promotions
  • Missouri's Common Core Status: It's Complicated
  • A Message From The Director Of Development
  • Continuing The Fight Against Medicaid Expandion
  • Streetcar Expansion Defeated
  • 2014 Freedom Celebration
  • Speaker Series On Economic Policy
  • Show-Me Media Coverage

Read it all: Show-Me Institute September 2014 Newsletter.

Show-Me Daily
By Darin Morley on Jan 01, 2014

In this issue:

  • Show-Me Institute Has Big Plans For 2014
  • A Message From The Executive Director
  • Show-Me Institute Launches Unique Data Tool
  • Initiative Captures Passion Of Next Generation
  • Sales Taxes Are Not The Way To Fix Transportation Funding In Missouri
  • Robbin Peter To Pay For Paul's Pension
  • Kansas City Airport Plan Hits Turbulance
  • Obamacare: Less Choice, Higher Taxes, Slower Economic Growth
  • Show-Me Institute Executive Director, Others Tout Limited Government Policies

Read it all: Show-Me Institute December 2013 Newsletter

Show-Me Daily
By Darin Morley on Jul 05, 2013

In this issue:

  • Next Gen Voices Reception Features New Media Experts
  • A Message From Executive Director Brenda Talent
  • Common Core: A Well-Intentioned Disaster
  • Roethelis Prove That Self-Reliance Works Better Than Government Reliance
  • The City With Available Vacant Land
  • National Teacher's Union Targets The Show-Me Institute
  • Show-Me Institute Focuses on Your Stories

Show-Me Institute June 2013 Newsletter (PDF)


Show-Me Daily
By Josh Smith on Oct 03, 2012

In this issue:

  • A look at the Show-Me Institute's new policy questionnaire, "Principles or Politics?"
  • A message from Executive Director Brenda Talent
  • We profile the three latest additions to the Show-Me Institute staff.
  • Fellow Andrew Wilson reports on how the latest tax changes in Kansas will impact Missouri jobs.
  • Why Charles Willey, M.D., tireless advocate for free-market healthcare reforms, supports the Show-Me Institute.
  • A review of Road to Freedom: How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise, the latest book by Arthur Brooks, who recently spoke in Saint Louis at a Show-Me Institute co-sponsored event.
  • Education Policy Analyst James Shuls reports on how Missouri's schools are "stuck in the middle" in terms of academic achievement.
  • An overview of some of our scholars recent appearances on broadcast media.
  • An article on the recent effects that TIF and eminent domain have had on the Saint Louis County neighborhood of Hadley Township

Full Newsletter (PDF)