Patrick Ishmael
Incredible chutzpah.
Governor\e [sic] Nixon is calling the legislature into special session, beginning at 4 o-clock Monday afternoon. He wants it to enact legislation that will let Missouri bid for Boeing’s new airliner factory.

Missouri is competing to be the site where Boeing will build its new 777x airliner.

Nixon says in his call that “building this next-generation commercial aircraft in Missouri would create thousands of jobs…and secure our position as a hub for advanced aerospace manufacturing.”

He’s asking for incentives legislation adding up to $150 million a year for large-scale aerospace projects under four state economic development programs.

This is the definition of cronyism. If we're going to basically wipe out taxes for a single business, here's a better idea: Instead of giving out massive special tax breaks to one company or project, how about we stop taxing the income of all businesses? And don't stop there: eliminate the individual income tax and stop sponsoring special tax cuts like this one for just a handful of companies and well-connected individuals.

Will Boeing be picking up the per diems we have to pay the legislators during the special session and all the associated costs for their tax cut package? Asking rhetorically.

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Patrick Ishmael is the director of government accountability at the Show-Me Institute.