James V. Shuls, Ph.D.
Have you ever had a really great idea, then found out later that someone else is already doing what you thought of doing? I recently experienced that, but my response to seeing others stealing my idea was not displeasure, it was joy.

So what was my brilliant idea? To find out, check out one of the charter schools slated to open next year, Eagle College Prep.

I recently sat down with two of the school’s leaders and talked with them at length about the new school, which will be opening in the South Tower Grove neighborhood. You can read the full interview on the Show-Me Institute website.

Below are just a few of the highlights.

Teachers at the Eagle College Prep will utilize research-based instructional practices in the classroom and will "differentiate [instruction] using a blended learning model.” The Show-Me Institute has been a big proponent of harnessing the power of technology to improve instruction.

The school also will have an affordable (maybe free) after-school program, which the school's management company, Educational Enterprises, will run. Matt Hoehner, Saint Louis regional executive director of Educational Enterprises, noted the after-school program will be faith-based: “We . . . recognize that many families want a faith-based option. Through our free public charter school and a separate, optional faith-based after-school program, we believe we can meet the need for a high-quality school and faith-based instruction.”

A school that utilizes technology to meet the unique needs of each child and partners with the faith-based community to offer optional after-school care . . . what a marvelous idea.

(Now, if I could just get someone to follow through with some of my other great ideas.)

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James Shuls
James Shuls

James V. Shuls is an assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies at the University of Missouri–St. Louis and Distinguished Fellow in Education Policy at the Show-Me Institute.