Kacie Barnes (Galbraith)
Have you heard about Ticketmaster’s new “paperless ticketing” for events? I talked to Justin Bieber fans to find out how they would feel about the switch to restrictive ticketing.

My previous post prompted some questions about whether I support government action to prevent paperless ticketing. I do not think the government needs to get involved here. However, I do believe event-goers should have a voice in the matter. (Watch the video to learn more about the issue.)

Ticketmaster, as I am sure everyone knows, is practically a monopoly. Because of their strong market power and lack of competition, Ticketmaster has freedom to enact unpopular policies. They are able to do this without suffering a huge loss in business because fans do not have the option to buy tickets from a different company. It is like Ticketmaster is saying, “My way or the highway, fools!”

But that is not what fans want. They want choice, and they do not want to be told what to do with their tickets once they buy them. There is value in customers telling companies what they want, not the other way around. Watch the video to see what Bieber fans have to say (the kids were so cute with their posters and costumes).

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Kacie Barnes (Galbraith)