Patrick Ishmael

After years of trying, Missouri's legislature has passed and our governor has signed SB19, Right to Work, into law—the product of countless hours of work and dedication from its supporters.

Its passage was also long overdue, as many of the state's geographic peers have long crossed that bridge of worker choice. Before Governor Eric Greitens' signed the bill into law, Missouri was surrounded on all sides by Right to Work states here in the Midwest, with the exception of Illinois. Or, if you view Missouri as a southern state, Missouri was the lone holdout among the members of the NCAA's Southeastern Conference. Missouri becomes the 28th Right to Work state, joining the majority of states who have adopted this common-sense reform.

Right to Work is a victory that empowers workers, but legislators should not rest on their laurels while the list of other opportunities in labor reform remains long. I look forward to the upcoming debates about Paycheck Protection, prevailing wage, project labor agreements and union transparency. 

About the Author

Patrick Ishmael

Patrick Ishmael is the director of government accountability at the Show-Me Institute.