Kacie Barnes (Galbraith)
This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week. It is a time to celebrate the innovators and job creators who, simply put, make our lives better. They bring ideas to life, they create jobs, and they persevere.

Greg Glassman is a true entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of Crossfit, a rapidly growing fitness program (of which I am a huge fan). This week I heard him speak at a conference about the development of his business.

If I could recite his whole speech for you I would, but here is my takeaway: Glassman uses freedom to grow the Crossfit movement. Standardization works for some businesses, such as McDonalds, but Glassman realized that Crossfit would touch more lives if he allowed affiliates to use his fitness program and run their businesses how they chose.

None of the Crossfit methods are protected, and affiliates only pay to use the Crossfit name. There are no requirements to use a certain brand of equipment, to operate specific hours, or to run the gyms in any specific way.

Because of this, Glassman has enabled thousands of Crossfit gyms to open in the past few years. Glassman gives all of his affiliates an equal opportunity to survive and thrive on their own. This is important. Entrepreneurs like Greg Glassman create jobs, not the government.

Missouri, please learn from Glassman's success. Show-Me Institute analysts have written about the importance of treating businesses fairly and allowing them to grow or fail on their own. Business growth means more job creation, less unemployment, and happier Missourians. Entrepreneurial growth such as Glassman's means all the above plus more individual and economic freedom for all. Isn't this what all of us want?

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Kacie Barnes (Galbraith)