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In an effort to bring Obamacare to Missouri, legislators in Jefferson City have re-branded the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion as a "Medicaid transformation." Missouri voters have repeatedly rejected Obamacare and any piecemeal adoption of its requirements. Missouri's General Assembly should do so again:


Burns & McDonnell is a Kansas City success story, so why is it asking taxpayers to fund the development of a lot next to its corporate headquarters? Read Patrick Tuohey's testimony before KC's TIF commission against this corporate welfare:


You paid your income taxes earlier this week, but until tax freedom day, your still working for the government. According to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, this year's tax freedom day is April 21 nationally. Lowering or even eliminating income taxes would make it come even sooner:


Gander Mountain just opened its first store in Missouri, in the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, with plans to open more locations in the Show-Me State. David Stokes is excited about this new store because their corporate policy is to not take tax subsidies as the company expands around the country:


Voters across Missouri will go to the polls on April 8th to vote in local elections. Many will have the opportunity to vote on public financing issues that have been described as "no tax increase bonds". Dr. James Shuls explains how these bonds work:


Legislators in Jefferson City want to increase education spending, but is that the best way to improve student outcomes in Missouri? Evidence suggests that increases in public school funding have little impact on student performance.


Have you heard of the proposed Metro fare increases? Metro may need to raise fares to cover its rising expenses. Joseph Miller talks about strategies to raise fares that Metro should consider. He also notes that Metro should reduce or eliminate routes that require high taxpayer subsidies.


David Stokes praises lawmakers in Jeff City for retaining an increase in farmland assessments because the increase will help reduce the disparity in property taxes across Missouri.


Patrick Tuohey explains that the cost of a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport would be passed along to passengers. Higher ticket prices would result and that could cause airlines and travelers to look for alternatives to KCI.


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Cape Girardeau Should Think Twice Before Establishing CID
April 23, 2014

Cape Girardeau should think very carefully before it establishes a Downtown Community Improvement District (CID). Often, these CIDs are not operated in an open and public manner.

Senate Bill 774: Reforming Tax Increment Financing Districts
April 23, 2014

Missouri needs TIF reform. Senate Bill 774 is a beneficial compromise on the subject of TIF.

Justifying Boeing: A Post-Mortem Analysis On The Process
February 4, 2014

Last year, Missouri’s General Assembly passed and the governor signed legislation that would provide module.7 billion in tax incentives to Boeing conditional on the company locating all or part of the assembly plant for the 777 aircraft in Missouri. In January 2014, Boeing reached a deal with the key unions in the state of Washington and decided to continue manufacturing the Boeing 777 there.

In this post-mortem review, the emphasis will be on the process used to justify the Missouri tax incentive package. In particular, the governor proclaimed...

Pennsylvania’s Education Improvement Tax Credit Program: A Winning Educational Partnership
April 14, 2014

Pennsylvania's Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program creates partnerships between parents, businesses, and scholarship organizations. These partnerships allow funding to follow students, giving children and their families choices of schools that best fit their needs.

Policy Briefing: Missouri Transition Costs and Public Pension Reform
March 3, 2014

The goal of public employee pensions is twofold: to provide a safe and secure retirement for our valued state employees and to help recruit and...

Move Missouri’s Medicaid Program Forward, Not Backward
March 14, 2014

Medicaid needs to be reformed, not expanded with debt-addled Washington spending. Free market ideas can take us in a better direction.



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KWMU: Stokes Talks About The Benefits Of Privatization
March 25, 2014

Show Me's David Stokes talks about the value of privatization on St. Louis's public radio station. Listen to the conversation.


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